Dear Mr. George Brown,

I am terribly sorry to inform you that I’m no longer a member of the Clear Grit party and can’t write for your newspaper anymore. I still believe and fully support Confederation but my views on certain policies have changed over these past weeks. My opinions align with the ideology of the Tories and I am hoping to work with them especially Mr. John A. Macdonald to achieve a new, unified Canada. It’s quite funny actually, they have started calling me “Wondering Willy” for this switch between parties. However, on a more serious note, I do support your movement to create the Great Coalition. If all three parties, The Parti Bleu, The Tories, and the Clear Grits, can join together, we can bring an end to the political deadlock in Legislative Assembly. I firmly believe that this is the answer to Confederation as well. As of right now, the citizens on the Maritimes don’t believe that this is needed but if the Coalition can bring light on the benefits, then I’m sure we can convince them to back the right horse. We need them to understand that as a nation, each province will economically benefit. We can also explain how unity can also protect us from the Americans showing up at our doors every time they want to fight the British. So, with political and economic stability as well as protection from outside attacks, I think it’s time we moved towards creating the country of Canada.



William McDougall