Looking at the 6 questions on the Guideposts to Historical Thinking, I believe that the most important question to consider for a vibrant and challenging Social Studies experience this year is “How do we know what we know about the past?” We go to school to learn and as students, we take in all the information teachers present. Their job is also to give us evidence and reasoning to the information so instead of only learning ‘what’, ‘when’, or ‘how’, we also understand ‘why’. In socials, especially history, the evidence is one of the driving factors to what gets taught so using strategies to uncover the proof is the key to comprehending and retaining historical knowledge. Such strategies can be seen in the 5 guideposts of this question; asking good questions, inferring, sourcing, and analyzing in relation to the context of its setting. This question can also be a philosophical one and after a class conversation, I’m sure that we’ll ultimately end up debating our existence. I look forward to socials this year and hopefully learning about our personal knowledge of the past.