Over these past 2 weeks, I had my first official meeting with my mentor, Brendan Frater. Before we started, I got the opportunity to meet one of the owners of the business, Jenna. She was quite happy that I had an interest in cheese crafting was more than willing to share some of her knowledge as well. After our little chat, Brendan took me on a tour of the facility, explain the process of cheese making from start to finish and where each step takes place. We started in the vat room where the milk is stored and kept warm. From there, we moved on into the mixing room which housed a massive steel mixing bowl and milk separator. The next area we walked into was the packaging room, where the cheese was either packaged to be shipped or stored. The storage facilities were a basically a fridge the size of a room. This meeting entailed learning more about the process and getting a first-hand experience of how the cheese crafting space looked like. Things that went particularly well during this meeting are an ease of communication. I feel comfortable talking to Brendan; he’s very approachable and yes, he’s my mentor, but I can see myself becoming friends with him. Brendan also knows a lot about what he’s talking about and I learned a lot from him in just one meeting. A learning challenge that came up was the amount of noise in the area that occasionally prevented and hindered my ability to hear what my mentor said. This meant I had to ask him to repeat himself a couple times. Before next meeting, I want to look over the criteria for the next blog and back at my learning contract as well as read and get some knowledge about the terminologies surrounding cheese crafting to improve the quality of my mentoring interactions. By doing so, I will be able to walk in with a clearer plan of how the day can look like and communicate my ideas based on what I know. I am looking forward to going in next time because then we’ll begin making cheese together and I’ll be able to enjoy something I made with my own hands.