Wikipedia proved to be quite the quintessential source of information because I found everything I needed on it. However, all the facts were kept at a surface level, and I didn’t find anything that delved deeper.

Here, I found all of Ramanujan’s published papers as well as a translation of each equation he developed. This helped me with my learning center and embodying my eminent person because I could talk and elaborate more on his discoveries.

This website provided me with several quotes and said by Ramanujan. It gave me an understanding of his thinking and helped me during Night of the Notables as well.

I learned about Ramanujan beliefs about god and how It influenced his thinking all from this link. I used this link to help with most of my speech.

This link contains a photocopy of a paper written by Ramanujan, and I used it form my Learning Centre.

One of Ramanujan’s notebook was photocopied and can be found at this link. I used this for my Learning Centre as well.

Most of my information probably came from this website because it fully annotated the Ramanujan biopic The man who knew infinity. I used this for all aspects of my Eminent person project.