Night of the notable took place on November 22nd, and this was the day where we presented our eminent person to everyone else. Unfortunately, this day was also the last chapter to Eminent 2k17 and for us grade 10’s, the conclusion of eminent forever; we’ll never get to do this project with these people again. All in all, the night of November 22nd will be a night I’ll always remember.

Did you meet your goals for the project? How can/could you tell? How would you improve on future opportunities like this?

The main goal of Night of the Notables is to teach others about the person of your choice, the hardships they faced, and why they are eminent. This goal is one that every TALONS learner should strive to achieve. Each aspect of Eminent, the blog post, speech, and learning center, all assist in presenting our findings and essentially, help us reach our goal. With all these mandatory aspects of the entire eminent project, it wasn’t a challenge to achieve this goal. The handout that was given out at the beginning of the project helped me begin the project and helped me gauge where I should be by the end of those seven weeks. The most prominent hurdle I faced trying to reach this overarching goal was procrastination, something that remains a struggle anytime I have more than a week to do a project. After doing some further research after eminent, I found out that the solution to my problem is simply to make a concrete plan on paper; that’s what I’ll do going forward.

What will you remember about NIght of the Notables?

At the start of the night, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, every second feeling like a minute; all due to the tension that came with speeches. Although I felt quite anxious, the energy behind the curtains is something I’ll never forget. Everyone was going through the same thing as me; we all we knew we were going to kill it but it was just a couple nerves in the way. After my speech, which was a massive weight off my shoulders, everything went a lot quicker, and I felt great. And then came the best part; I got to act as my eminent person at my learning center. The entire night went terrific and there’s nothing I’d want to forget about it.

Who would you like to thank, or recognize, for their contributions to Night of the Notables?

Anyone who came to Night of the Notables made it special for me, but there’s one person in particular who made a big difference both at the evening and all the weeks leading up to that day. Even though it’s only Mr.Morris’ first eminent, he had everything under control and made sure that each one of us reached success. He stood by and helped with every step of the way. I don’t think my project would’ve been half as good without Mr.Morris’ guidance. Big shout out the main man.