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Eminent Speech Outline

Exposition: Hook audience with a question (Why math?). Talk about math in general and what makes it stand out from other fields of studies. Describe math as a love of numbers and learning how to work works rather than mindlessly… Continue Reading →

Eminent Intro Blog Post

We are always learning. As we pick up information from family, friends, teacher, and mentors, we understand more about the world we live in at both a micro and macro level. But imagine; what if we had an everlasting thirst… Continue Reading →

Blog Response #3

In your opinion, what is the most effective medium for telling the “Harrison Bergeron” narrative: film or text? Explain your answer with using specific details that relate to each version, as well as thoughtful reasoning. Many novels end up as film adaptations, but… Continue Reading →

Blog Response #2

What is the thesis of David Suzuki’s “Racism”? This letter could be a letter to you. What did you learn or ‘take away’ from his experiences? Do you appreciate his message? Why? David Suzuki’s ‘Racism’ is a letter to his… Continue Reading →

Blog Response #1

What might you ‘take away’ from our discussions of Stuart Mclean’s “Emil” or “Safe Places,” Chamimanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story,” or Budge Wilson’s “The Metaphor” this week? How might you apply this ‘take away’ to your… Continue Reading →

Emil Response

As big as the world is, it’s easy to come across people with bigger egos. Sitting on their imaginary pedestals, these people judgingly look down at others especially those in undesirable conditions. Yet in Stuart Mclean’s ‘Emil,’ a story about… Continue Reading →

Novel Study: Catcher in the Rye – Scene 1

After being expelled from Pencey Prep School, Holden Caulfield is on his way to Mr. Spencer’s place, a teacher who failed him. This first scene introduces Holden’s aversion for phoniness, illustrates Holden’s silent disregard for adults, and presents Holden’s flawed… Continue Reading →

Descriptive Paragraph

She came in and quietly kicked off her shoes. Her dad would bite her head off if he found even the slightest speck of dirt in her room. That is, if he was still alive. The death of her father… Continue Reading →

Show, Not Tell Paragraph

Prompt: My friend was mad I woke up all of a sudden to the sound of my phone vibrating on my bedside table. Still lying in bed, I rolled over sluggishly and picked up my phone, wondering who could be… Continue Reading →

TalonTED Talk – Ideologies that should be shared

My topic for this year’s TED talk focused on Allergies; more specifically what are allergies, how they’re caused, and what are some cures/prevention. I first thought of this idea when my mother was feeling terrible from her spring allergies and… Continue Reading →

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